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SmartTech™ is a DHS SAFETY Act certified technology developed by MSA. It utilizes a proprietary high speed video and encrypted software to instantly transmit suspect images from X-ray machines anywhere in the world to the MSA Emergency Operations Center in New York City for real-time analysis by our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). SmartTech™ can be used with any X-ray machine, and gives screeners immediate, real-time access to our SMEs. All of MSA’s SMEs are experienced FBI certified Bomb Technicians both retired and current members of nationally accredited Bomb Squads.

MSA developed SmartTech as a way to enhance X-ray screening operations by providing immediate access to experienced bomb technicians.  SmartTech™ is a three tier web based system that can be linked to any X-ray machine being used to screen for prohibited items. If an X-ray machine operator sees something suspicious or unusual during the interpretation process, the operator can request a subject matter expert to assist them in real time. Images and audio are transmitted over a client-provided Internet link to the MSA SmartTechEmergency Operations Center where bomb technicians assist with analysis. 

For more information about how SmartTech™ can improve your organization's x-ray security scanner, mail room screening equipment, and threat detection capabilities, download our SmartTech™ fact sheet, below. 

Download our SmartTech™ Fact Sheet