Technology Solution

MSA partners with an industry leading technology provider to offer a comprehensive electronic solution for CCSP-K9 compliance requirements. Our solution offers a reliable, encrypted, and cloud-based storage of all video and transfer documentation.

  • TSA Compliant
  • Cloud Based Record Storage
  • Dashboard Access
  • Flexible and adaptable
  • Tested & Validated


What is required of you? Whether you’re an airline, freight forwarder, or all cargo carrier, simply provide unscreened cargo to MSA and accept screened cargo in return. We handle the rest.

1. Freight Arrives.  Freight arrives at designated screening area.


compliance 1-1


2. Screening Begins. MSA handler uses a portable device to scan the cargo. By selecting “start screening”, the body camera is automatically activated and video recording begins.  

compliance 2


3. Screening Completed. When screening is complete, MSA handler selects “end screen” on their portable device. This automatically ends video recording and uploads both the video and screening log to the cloud. Client has immediate access.   

 compliance 3


4. SCI Stickers. Freight is then labeled with SCI stickers. Client has access to the screening cert and completes process in accordance with internal protocols.

 compliance 4-1


MSA and Client Representatives retain the ability to run daily reports from the cloud to identify all the screened freight at any time.


Compliance Department

MSA’s compliance department ensures corporate adherence to all TSA CCSP-K9 requirements nationwide. Led by Compliance Manager, Alex Rodriguez, the department liaises closely with TSA representatives and industry stakeholders to ensure up to date information on regulations and processes. The compliance department coordinates directly with clients and MSA’s executive management team to support readiness for TSA audits.