Ad-Hawk: A Robust End-to-End K9 Cargo Screening Technology Solution

Through a strategic partnership with CargoMatrix Inc., an end-to-end logistics software solutions provider, MSA offers a state-of-the-art device_screen_6technology solution which meets TSA CCSP-K9 compliance requirements and streamlines the K9 screening workflow for all stakeholders. Backed by 20 years of industry experience, the Ad-Hawk software solution automates compliance requirements, offers a robust record-keeping process, and the
flexibility to allow screening in all cargo environments.






Full TSA CCSP-K9 Compliance

MSA Security’s compliance team ensures corporate adherence to all TSA CCSP-K9 requirements nationwide, liaising closely with TSA representatives and industry stakeholders to ensure the most current information on regulations and processes. Our knowledgeable compliance experts coordinate directly with clients and MSA’s executive management team to support readiness for TSA audits.


Benefits at a Glance

Clients benefit from transparency, accuracy, peace of mind and measurable performance metrics ensuring compliance across their cargo screening operations.

transparent CMX 4-1

 ✔ Available on all mobile devices and computers

 ✔ Centralized data platform available at user's fingertips

 ✔ Supports multiple screening modes

cmx 2

 ✔ User friendly dashboards

 ✔ Handler can focus on screening

 ✔ Paper-free, digital solution

transparent CMX 2-1

 ✔ Accepts advance shipment data

 ✔ Automates transfer documentation

 ✔ Streamlines task assignments  

 ✔ Provides performance metrics

transparent CMX 1-1

 ✔ Minimizes record keeping costs

 ✔ Scales to organizational needs

 ✔ Tracks production rates and forecasts costs

transparent CMX 3-1

 ✔ Encrypted cloud-based storage

 ✔ Role-based user access

 ✔ Smooth, compliant transfer of cargo

Compliance Blogs

Alex Rodriguez | Director, Air Cargo Operations

AROD HSPrior to joining MSA, Alex had a successful 12 year career in aviation security regulatory management. He spent the last six years working in this capacity for FedEx, most recently as the Aviation & Regulatory Security Specialist for FedEx Express World Headquarters. Alex has extensive working knowledge of TSA regulations including the Certified Cargo Screening Program and has experience with International Air Transportation Administration (IATA) compliance. In his new role with MSA, Alex will be responsible for company compliance with various industry regulatory bodies and programs, to include the TSA’s Third Party Canine Program. Alex holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Public Safety Management from Miami Dade College and a Masters of Professional Studies in Security Safety and Leadership from George Washington University.