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A Greenwich Village couple, affiliated with the Occupy Wall Street movement, was arrested yesterday for allegedly having a cache of weapons and bomb making materials in their apartment. Morgan Gliedman (27) and her boyfriend Aaron Greene (31) were found to be in possession of a sawed off shotgun, nine high-capacity rifle magazines, a flare launcher and seven grams of the powerful explosive HMTD, which prompted an evacuation of the surrounding area. They also had a number of documents outlining how to create various bomb making materials and improvised submachine guns as well as a copy of ‘The Terrorist Encyclopedia.’ Police discovered the weapons while investigating Morgan Gliedman for alleged credit card theft. She was also charged with drug possession earlier this year. Gliedman comes from a prominent New York family and is currently nine months pregnant. Greene is a Harvard graduate who is known for his ‘extreme’ political views. He has also faced charges of assault and weapons possession in the past.

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