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Active Shooter Response Training

MSA offers shooter response training geared toward schools and government institutions as well as the private sector for Active Shooter threats. As incidents of school and workplace violence continue to increase, MSA provides vital training for the planning, prevention, response and recovery to such events.

The MSA Golden 15

The concept behind the MSA Golden 15 hinges on the fact that on average there are 15 minutes between the initiation of an active shooter event and the arrival of law enforcement personnel. MSA refers to this 15-minute window as the "Golden 15," and has developed a corresponding Golden 15 Security Checklist to help school officials prepare and respond to the active shooter threat.

MSA Security offers a full-day shooter response training course grounded in proven strategies to mitigate the threat of an active shooter, and provides security managers and decision makers with a turn-key solution. The Active Shooter Response Training provided by MSA focuses on the four common categories of violence and provides decision makers with strategies to identify and alleviate such occurrences. 

Shooter Response Training covers:

  • History of Workplace or School Violence / Active Shooter
  • Introduction to the Four Categories of Violence
  • Effective Strategies for Mitigating Workplace or School Violence / Active Shooter
  • Planning for an Active Shooter Incident
  • Response to an Active Shooter Incident
  • Recovery from an Active Shooter Incident

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