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Specialized Protection Programs

MSA's high-end operatives are trained to anticipate and defend against personal violence, deny unauthorized access to secured facilities and to respond to terrorist or criminal activities. With each deployment, MSA operatives adapt to an ever-changing security environment and threats unique to your facility. In addition to our Enhanced Protection, Hostile Surveillance and Executive Protection Specialists and the Hostile Environment Action Team, we also provide:

Enhanced Protection Specialist (EPS):  MSA adapts requirements based on a client's identified needs and will deploy Enhanced Protection Specialists as force multipliers to any security program. MSA EPS maintain skill and readiness levels sufficient to provide support in the following specialties:

  • Life and Property Protection
  • Rescue Operations
  • Emergency Medical Technician
  • WMD/CBRNE Technician
  • Equipment/Logistics Specialist
  • Special Projects Manager
  • Research & Development Advisor
  • Security/Counterterrorism Training Coordinator

Executive Protection Specialist:  MSA offers Executive Protection services to our clients who may be exposed to elevated security risk due to their employment, travel needs, or corporate status. MSA's Executive Protection program focuses on protection of the principal, family and associates, avoiding confrontation and maintaining discretion at all times.

Hostile Surveillance Specialist Plus (HSS+):  Highly trained, experienced surveillance detection expert who provides tactical protection, combining on-the-ground observational skills with focused intelligence analysis. The HSS+ operative discreetly monitors critical areas for hostile activity (surveillance, criminal activity, etc.) and uses different tools to ascertain the nature of the threat.  Additionally, the HSS+ operative is trained to respond to the threat posed by workplace violence, including active shooter incidents.

Hostile Environment Action Team (HEAT):  High threat security teams, with years of tactical experience, can be rapidly deployed to your location to provide highly visible, armed protection and explosive screening.  HEAT personnel are trained to detect, deter, and defeat terrorist activity by creating a hostile environment for terrorist operations.

Special Events Security:  MSA provides our clients with the full range of special event security personnel and equipment. We have a long history of excellence in special events security, protecting venues hosting: concerts; sporting events; major conferences; graduations; galas; corporate events; and many other significant gatherings.