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Winter Storm Jonas is on its way! MSA recommends these 8 steps for keeping your best friend safe and warm!

  1. Most important: If it’s too cold for you, it’s too cold for your dog!

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  1. Keep your dog inside, aside from their usual walks and exercise.

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  1. Protect their paws from salt! Rock salt and other chemicals can irritate the pads of their paws, if you live in an area where you cannot avoid the salt consider buying them “booties” or be very dilligent about wiping down their paws after walks.

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  1. Feed your pet a little bit more during the colder months, they burn extra energy trying to keep warm.

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  1. Antifreeze is a staple in the winter months, but is FATAL by even the smallest sip. Be cautious as dogs are tempted by the sweet smell. A telltale sign of ingestion is if your dog appears “drunk”. If this happens seek veterinary attention immediately.

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(Don't worry she's fine just taking a nap)

  1. When the snow starts to fall and your dog gets let in the backyard or another enclosed area, make sure to shovel out an area for him/her. 

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  1. Bathe your pooch as little as possible in the winter. By frequent baths you are stripping their coat of the essential oils that they produce to keep warm. 

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(She loves the limelight)

  1. If your dog has a shorter coat or is sensitive to the cold you should consider a sweater or coat (for your dog!).

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  1. Lastly, do your part and report any animal you see left out in the cold!

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To learn more about any of the tips mentioned, visit any of the below sites:

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