Jessica Hagstrom

Details continue to emerge about Elliot Rodgers, the 22 year old suspected of stabbing and shooting multiple individuals in the California neighborhood of Isla Vista. In addition to multiple YouTube videos posted by Rodgers, there was a 141 page manifesto posted by this individual as well. The manifesto is a combination of an autobiography as well as the layout of developed thoughts surrounding his eventual rampage. This manifesto can be found on Scribd ( for individuals who would like to examine the shooter’s motivations in greater detail. 

Additionally, it has been reported that Rodgers parents were aware of the YouTube postings by the suspect. The concerns of his parents prompted a child welfare investigation by the local police department in Isla Vista. This investigation concluded that, while shy and experiencing social difficulties, Rodgers was not in need of psychological intervention. Rodgers writes in his manifesto that if police would have searched his room at that time it could have “ended everything”. 

Even with prompt attention to key indicators of a threat prior to an attack, significant damage can occur if mitigation is not considered. This highlights the need for the development and implementation of comprehensive security and crisis management plans that include Active Shooter (AS), Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) and Workplace Violence in the broader sense.

MSA Intelligence will continue to monitor the situation, review the manifesto for indicators or other valuable information, and monitor social media as part of our comprehensive intelligence services.

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