Matthew Dimmick

MSA Security has conducted extensive testing of BriefCam® Video Synopsis Technology.  Through this testing and application in real world environments we have determined that the software works according to manufacturer claims.  We have also developed multiple use cases that will optimize the application of the technology to potentially add significant value to MSA’s clients if applied within their security operations.

The manufacturer states that the software will allow the user to “review hours of video in minutes”.  We were able to utilize the system in multiple real world investigations, including one incident involving vandalism of a city vehicle.  We were able to quickly isolate video of the perpetrator damaging the vehicle.  In minutes, we were able to review 10 hours of video from a busy Manhattan street and provide valuable information to the investigators involved. 

The software identifies and tracks objects across varioBrief Cam Video Synopsis Technologyus points in time and layers them over each other and the cameras static background to allow rapid review for anomalies.  Each object / event is time date stamped and can be selected and reviewed independently of all others.  As you can see from the depiction to the right, all of the dead space (periods of inactivity) are stripped from the synopsis that is presented to the user.  This allows the user to review relevant activities without having to review minutes and/or hours where nothing of consequence occurs.

BriefCam® Software sits on a server physically separate from your existing video management system and draws video from your system at near real time shortly after it is recorded.  The system does have some compatibility limitations at the present moment as it is an emerging technology.  Most of the bigger players in the digital video market have signed on including: ONSSI, Milestone, Genetech, and NICE.  Some integrations of products are currently underway, Exacq Technologies for example, with others on the way.

For potential use cases of this technology, I would recommend that you review the article, Eternal Vigilance, by Joe Charlaff, that was published in Jane’s Homeland Security Review, October / November 2010.  The contributions from MSA on this article concerning technology are just one example of the benefit of evaluating products in our Security Technology Center. 

If you have any questions regarding BriefCam® or the Security Technology Center at MSA Security’s Headquarters please contact Matthew R. Dimmick, PSP, Board Certified in Physical Security,

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