Matthew Dimmick

MSA’s Security Technology Center conducts research into rapidly emerging technologies.  In any product review or product consideration by our Security Technology Center we strive to answer the following questions:

  • Is the product intended for internal use (improving our existing processes and service for our clients), external sale (identifying emerging technologies for our systems integrators), or new product / service development (continuing our focus on providing threat based, effective and cost efficient security solutions to the market)?
  • What synergies exist between this technology, client needs and MSA capabilities?
  • What use cases have been developed already for this technology and can we identify additional previously unidentified applications?
  • What is the overall value proposition (ROI) to our clients that select and apply these new technologies?

In order to optimize our Hostile Surveillance Specialist (HSS) program through the application of effective technologies, MSA conducted a review of current remote video monitoring systems.  The capability to remotely monitor CCTV cameras and other types of surveillance equipment is nothing new.  Since the inception of IP systems the boundaries of monitoring capabilities have been substantially expanded if not eliminated all together.  In a world that is increasingly linked, where communications and threats move at the speed of light (literally in the case of Fiber Optics), situational awareness is an exigent need of security managers.  This need can be met in part through the application of remote video monitoring.

We worked with several separate platforms to ensure that similarities and differentiators were identified across the spectrum.  Today, I will be discussing iRa C3 primarily, although, I would encourage our readers to check out Genetech’s new remote video applications as well.  Genetech is focused like a laser on providing a remote capability for users of its advanced IP based video platforms.  Genetech’s having this capability in house could explain why they had been reluctant to sign on with Lextech Labs.

Lextech Labs iRa C3 is a remote video command center that has been developed to allow users to control their IP based video systems from their Mobile Devices (Apple or Blackberry).  Our testing of iRa C3 began in late 2009.  It was the flexibility of the C3 application and the ability to rapidly share large amounts of intelligence through the base platforms with our Hostile Surveillance Specialists in the field that impressed our SMEs the most.  In looking at our particular application, where operatives work for diverse organizations with different platforms, we did not want to lock ourselves into a single system solution such as Genetech mentioned above.  That being said, Lextech currently works with Axis Communications, ONSSI and Milestone systems; providing a little more breadth of coverage than other solutions that are available.

Video playback and live video, including the functionality that comes with PTZ and other specialized cameras is available, remotely, to users of this system.  The function of this system is highly intuitive.  In fact, anyone that can operate an I-Phone, I-Pad or I-Pod Touch can operate this user friendly application.

We have found the ability of our HSS to covertly monitor activities affecting an assigned client site and quickly being able to share still photos of suspicious vehicles and / or individuals can add significant value to the program.  Beyond our programs, this type of system would allow Security Directors and Managers to quickly get eyes on situations in crisis or alarm response programs so that they have first hand information to pass on to Executive Level Leadership. 

As with any technology solution, there are often internal IT solutions (work arounds) that can provide this similar situational awareness as well.  This is particularly the case in larger organizations that are required through regulation or industry best practice to limit access to company infrastructure through wireless devices or by outside “cloud based” services.  To discuss Remote Video Monitoring / Command Center Solutions and / or internal work arounds, please contact Matthew R. Dimmick,

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