Brittany Dolan

On Wednesday, June 15th, MSA Security’s Research and Intelligence Analysis Team conducted and in-depth analysis with FS-ISAC, regarding the terrorist threat environment since the recent death of Osama bin Laden. The presentation, “After Bin Laden,” was done via webinar and focused on potential al Qaeda leaders, the threat posed by al Qaeda affiliates and lone-wolf operatives, and the implications of Bin Laden’s death on the overall jihadist movement.   The presentation concluded with best practices and security measures for mitigating against the current threat.

The webinar was introduced by Erin Eizenstat, Program Manager of the Research & Intelligence Analysis Team, followed by Intelligence Analyst, Kaitlin Kindbergh, and concluded by Director of Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources, Matthew Dimmick.

FS-ISAC was established in 1999 by the financial services sector as a direct result of a 1998 presidential directive, which was updated following a 2003 mandate.  This mandate made it necessary for the private and public sectors to share physical and cyber security threat information to help protect critical infrastructure in the United States.

We invite you to listen and view the webinar at the provided link:

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