Brittany Dolan

On Wednesday, August 3rd, Australian police tried to defuse a “collar bomb” that was strapped to the daughter of one of Sydney’s wealthiest men. According to local news reports, officers were called to the home of 18-year-old Madeleine Pulver, where she was found wearing the unusual explosive device with a ransom note attached that demanded money from her father, William Pulver.

The police allegedly arrived to the scene at 2pm and called in NSW Bomb Squad experts after realizing the severity of the situation.  The group was still in the Pulver home until 8pm studying the device, which was unlike anything they had seen before, according to officials. An X-ray of the device was taken to allow a more detailed examination before making any attempts to defuse it.

Officials reported that the girl was sitting at home when a balaclava-cladman broke in and strapped the bomb around her neck. Furthermore, the bomb was described a very elaborate device in a highly sophisticated extortion attempt.


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