Matt Dimmick

At approximately 2:30 pm today Mayor Michael Bloomberg gave a press conference regarding the progress of recovery operations from Super Storm Sandy as well as the status of some government offices / services.  Below are some of the key points from the press conference:

  • ConEd is said to have restored about 75% of their customers electricity
  • Pumping operations on tunnels (PATH, Brooklyn Battery, Queens Midtown, Battery Park Underpass) continue indefinitely
  • HOV restrictions are lifted for Monday’s commute
  • City has 40 generators operating throughout the city powering shelters, critical infrastructure and similar key resources
  • Flood waters in public housing developments have been pumped dry in many areas
  • Kids in NYC will return to school tomorrow (dress children warmly)
    • Schools that are shelters or had severe damage will not return to school use 311 or www. to identify which schools are affected a text to 877877 of NYC Schools will provide updates
    • Reserve of substitute teachers is being called in to ensure schools are properly staffed
    • Schools are closed again on Tuesday for Elections.  The Mayor said that Monday will serve as a trial day for the return and that the Tuesday day off will allow for adjustments to be made to bus routes, staffing, etc.
    • Alternate poll sites in NYC will be on the NYS Board of Elections website  (Bloomberg slammed the Board of Elections for inefficiencies and said he has nothing to do with its poor management)

Also today, NJ Governor Christie gave a press conference covering some of the response activities in NJ.  Key points of this press conference included:

  • NJ Power outages 2.7 million to start now just under 1 million people are still out of power NJ
  • Normally there are about 3,000 utility workers in the state.  FEMA has assisted with 8,000 additional utility workers including logistical support (food, fuel, housing, etc.)
  • Relief on fuel concerns is coming; refineries in the area are back on line as well as the majority of pumping stations along the regions pipelines.  In addition to this, President Obama has authorized the National Guard to move up to 220,000 gallons of fuel to stations with power but without fuel to pump.

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