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Shots were fired yesterday afternoon at Lone Star College-North Harris campus in Houston, TX, marking the third school shooting incident in recent weeks. Authorities report that the shooting was sparked by an argument between two men located outdoors between an academic building and a library.

Following the shots, the campus went into lockdown as students were told to “shelter in place” and subsequently evacuated. Police arrived on scene two minutes after receiving the first call that shots were fired.

Technically this incident is not defined as an active shooter event; however, the shooting at the Houston community college highlights that the defensive measures are appropriate in any school shooting event.

School Shooter Training:

According to college officials, three drills had been conducted on campus in the past seven days for students and faculty to prepare for emergencies such as this one.  These drills enabled officials to quickly and efficiently activate a lockdown on campus.  

The shooting began as an altercation between two people, but there was potential for others to be caught in the crossfire or to be hit by stray bullets. This incident underscores the value of having an active shooter defense plan and drilling staff and students on the basics.

In light of recent school shooting incidents several schools and institutions across the nation have opted to engage in Active Shooter Response Training. To assist this effort, MSA Security has developed The MSA Golden 15, a strategy designed to help schools improve security and survive active shooter events such as the one at Sandy Hook and recent school shootings in California, Missouri and now Texas.

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(Image Credit: International Business Times)

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