Matt Dimmick

As Hurricane Sandy left parts of the New York Area in ruins, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), through its Public Assistance (PA) Grant Program, has been allocating funds for reimbursement of school districts for the following "response and recovery" costs:

  • Permanent work expenses

  • Emergency work expenses

  • Debris removal

With over $8 Million of PA grant funding approved, schools in the 14 New York counties hardest hit by Sandy can reduce costs associated with items such as repairs, relocation, transportation, cleaning, and debris removal.

The most cost effective time for organizations to incorporate physical security measures is during construction; whether for new buildings or during major refurbishment projects for older facilities. To assist schools with improving their security programs, MSA Security has developed The MSA Golden 15 program.

The MSA Golden 15 program begins with knowing your threats and conducting a comprehensive security assessment. Our methodology was developed by subject matter experts to protect staff and students from Active Shooter threats. The level of protection prescribed hinges on statistics. On average, there are 15 minutes between the initiation of an active shooter event and the arrival of law enforcement personnel. MSA has developed a corresponding Golden 15 Security Checklist to help school officials prepare and respond to the active shooter threat.

Every facility needs to start with a base assessment of its facility and processes. Click here to request a Free Golden 15 Security Consultation for your school, business, or organization.


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