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For those of you who don't know today, August 26th is National Dog Day! As you may have guessed, we're celebrating our pups all day! 

national dog day

  1. EDC Handler James Volpe admires his canine partner because “Gelato is a great worker.” Like all of MSA’s canine employees, Gelato enjoys being a regular dog in her free time and she loves to play at home with her soft Frisbee! Gelato’s favorite treat is a Greenie dental snack…which explains her show stopping grin!
EDC Gelato working Gelato is a great worker


  1. Ken Collins and his canine partner Dryden are famous! Ken was recently interviewed by Valerie Stetz on Your World Uncensored, where he discussed his accomplished career in law enforcement and his life with Dryden. Of course, Dryden was present at the interview where she showed fans her favorite trick, standing up on her back legs! Ken jokes that she reminds him of a horse rearing up when she does it!  When she is not working she loves to play keep away with her two Beagle siblings, she loves stealing their squeaky toys and running around with it until they chase her!
MSA EDC Handler Ken was recently interviewed by Valerie Stetz
MSA EDC Dryden


  1. EDC Handler Patrick Keith and his daughter treat their canine pal Buzz just like he’s part of the family! He enjoys playing, chasing bunny rabbits, and eating treats. Clearly Buzz gets lots of love and is always ready for a close up!
EDC Handler Patrick Keith and canine Buzz EDC Handler Patrick Keith's Daughter and canine Pal Buzz
  1. EDC Cindy makes regular office appearances with EDC Supervisor Vinny DeSantis. Cindy is an office favorite, and is well known for her love of belly rubs and banana peels! You can often catch her lounging around the office enjoying all the attention. With a face like hers, our employees just can’t resist. But don’t be fooled, Cindy is always ready for work with Vinny whenever he needs her!
EDC Cindy having Fun EDC Cindy having Fun


  1. EDC Carousel is double the trouble with when she hangs out with her canine pal Caleb! Carousel knows how to work hard and play hard. When she is not working with her handler, Jim Castanzo, you can find her hanging out poolside. She learned that from Caleb, Jim’s retired NYPD Narcotics Canine. They certainly make a great pair!
EDC Carousel and pal Caleb laying in the grass EDC Carousel and pal Caleb play in the pool

  1. Our girl Irene runs MSA headquarters and is an obvious office favorite! Irene loves back scratches and even uses a friendly growl to let you know you’ve hit the sweet spot. When Irene is not soaking up the love, you can find her loyally following her handler, Director of EDC Ellen Dickert, around to meetings. When Ellen is away from her desk, Irene is typically standing guard eagerly awaiting her return. They make a great team! 
EDC Irene at MSA headquarters EDC Irene at MSA headquarters


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