Kerry Mulcahy

MSA would like to share some tips to help keep your Memorial Day weekend safe and enjoyable for your family and pets!


  1. When swimming, never swim alone and always be in close proximity to life guards. Be vigilant when watching your children and pets, in order to provide assistance, if needed. blog_1.jpg
  2. When grilling, always supervise the grill and ensure children and pets maintain a safe distance to prevent injury. Always grill outside and keep anything that could possibly catch fire completely out of the way.blog_2.jpg
  3. Avoid sunburn, by keeping yourself, family and pets in shaded areas. When exposed to the sun, use sunblock (with an SPF of at least 15), hats and sunglasses.blog_3.jpg
  4. When traveling, always wear your seat belt and make sure anyone else present in the vehicle does the same. Never drive after drinking and be cautious to not get into the vehicle of someone who has been drinking. Memorial Day Weekend is a big weekend for travel. Making sure that intoxicated drivers stay off of the roads will make it a safer and more enjoyable weekend for everyone.blog_4.jpg
  5. Avoid heat stroke, by keeping yourself, family and pets constantly hydrated. Drink plenty of water, especially after exercise or after long amounts of time in the sun.blog_5.jpg
  6. Keep “table food” and alcohol away from your pets. Many foods served at barbeques and parties are extremely toxic to dogs and can result in serious harm or death.blog_6.jpg
  7.  If you plan on setting off fireworks, practice extreme caution. Children, pets, and other spectators should keep a large distance to avoid harm or damage. If possible, try not to take dogs to firework presentations due to the loud noises and large crowds of people. Fireworks are often a major source of anxiety for dogs. Keeping pets indoors will provide a shelter to lessen the panic that fireworks tend to cause.blog_7.jpg
  8.  When traveling with a pet, make sure to never leave them in a hot car. A heat stroke can set in quickly and if not treated right away can be fatal. Also, make sure they are always wearing an ID on their collar. This will be crucial in the event that they become lost, especially if they do not have the ID microchip.blog_8.jpg

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