Lori Hickey

Max” is a heartwarming tale, based on the true story of a military working dog. While deployed in Afghanistan, Max’s handler dies in battle. He is then adopted by his handler’s family, attempting to adjust to his new life, without his handler and best friend.

This story is close to our hearts, as many of MSA’s employees have former military experience. Military working dogs can save thousands of lives all while developing unbreakable bonds with their handlers. Like most soldiers, these dogs go through extensive training every day and are not exempt from the trying effects of military life. Likewise, their heroic acts do not go unnoticed. They are honored with awards and decorations and given “military ranks”.

 U.S. Military Working Dog Teams National Monument, Lackland Air Force Base
Image Credit: Reuters

Greeks and Romans probably were the first users of dogs in warfare. They sent formations of attack dogs, complete with spiked armor, to harass and cause general disturbance throughout enemy lines." Working dogs have had a number of different roles in the US military since the Civil War. Roughly 2,500 working dogs have been beside US soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq. A movie like "Max" offers everyone a glimpse into the life a soldier, even soldiers on 4 legs. 

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