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This morning, an unidentified, 45-year-old man entered a UPS facility at 4601 Inglenook Lane near 
Birmingham, AL and opened fire, killing two people before taking his own life. No one else was injured in the shooting. According to police, the shooter was a former UPS employee, who may have been fired as recently as yesterday. It also appears that he was dressed in his work uniform when he carried out the attack. It is unclear why he was allegedly fired; however, several sources are reporting that the two victims were both supervisors and the intended targets of the shooting. The gunman was already deceased from a self-inflicted gunshot wound when police arrived at the scene.


MSA's Research and Intelligence Analysis (RIA) Group has been monitoring this situation closely and has identified the following implications:

At this time, the exact motive for the attack remains unknown, but it appears that it was likely connected to the suspect’s recent firing. Although the security posture at the facility has not been released, the gunman was clearly familiar with the premises and would not appear out of place on the UPS campus, particularly as he was dressed in uniform. Additionally, companies should exercise an abundance of caution when dealing with employees who have been disciplined or fired as they could potentially seek retaliation. In this case, the suspect was not expected to be at the facility at the time of the shooting. To combat the threat, human resources and security should communicate regarding any individuals who have been fired or may present a safety threat, and all uniforms, keys and identification cards should be confiscated at the time of dismissal.
In cases of workplace violence, the perpetrator typically has easy access to their target and an understanding of security protocol at the facility. As a result, it is particularly difficult to detect and prevent this type of active shooter situation. The best way to mitigate an attack is the presence of armed guards and a well-rehearsed, comprehensive security plan. Additionally, monitoring past behavioral issues and conflicts with co-workers can provide insight into an individual’s propensity for violence.



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