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Serving as one of MSA Security’s elite Executive Protection Operatives, Anthony Ragona is well versed in patrol work, investigations, and protective services. In his current role, he is responsible for the security and protection of a high-profile corporate executive in the New York City area. Anthony’s 23 years of experience from the New York Police Department drives his ability to identify, de-escalate, and respond to threats efficiently. Anthony is highly professional, full of integrity, and his primary duty is the protection of our clients. Along with the Executive Protective Services team, it is important to MSA Security that we acknowledge our trusted members.

Anthony was a member of the NYPD for twenty-three years, filling various leadership roles as he moved up the ranks to Detective, Sergeant, and Lieutenant. His law enforcement career began with the Transit Police, where he conducted solo patrols, finding himself in situations requiring high degrees of initiative and efficiency. As Anthony was continuously promoted he gained experience in various specialized units such as Narcotics, Internal Affairs, and the Patrol Bureau. His career included Dignitary Protection Training, preparing him for the protection of foreign and domestic leaders exposed to acts of terrorism and criminal behavior. His training and experience consisted of protection intelligence, route surveys, and operations tactics, laying a concrete foundation for his daily responsibilities with MSA Security. Anthony’s experience in the NYPD instilled the authority and poise necessary for security professionals within executive protection operations.

As an Operative at MSA Security, ensuring a secure environment for the client is of top priority. Anthony is the lead in prevention, detection, mitigation, and investigation of potential threats for clients. On a daily basis, he works with a wide array of individuals from frontline employees to high-level personnel. Depending on the client request, MSA Security Executive Protection Operatives are either unarmed or armed. Other significant responsibilities of Operative’s include extensive training in active shooter response, counterterrorism, counter surveillance, and tactical rescue.

During the global pandemic, employees at many client sites are working from home, in accordance with government issued policies. As an essential employee, Anthony continues to stand post at critical sites, maintaining professionalism and ensuring a high level of protection for clients. While the locations and focus of his tours have changed during this time, the Executive Protection Operative responsibilities to address new and evolving threats, does not. It’s Operatives like Anthony Ragona that instill trust and security for our clients during these uncertain times.

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