Marc Murphy

MSA’s Patented Advanced Alarm Resolution (AAR) process was developed for the Air Cargo Industry, specifically to address the Alarm Resolution process that will be included in the expected implementation of the TSA 3rd Party Canine Program, set for release in early fall.  Once a canine indicates on a package and the canine handler has determined that it’s a possible threat, the 3rd Party Canine Program requires a secondary alarm resolution process and we (MSA) strongly believe that our Patented Advanced Alarm Resolution exceeds this program requirement.   

MSA’s AAR is a unique combination of three proven MSA explosive detection screening solutions, an MSA EDC Windsor Team, X-ray screening and our proprietary SmartTech® technology, blending state-of-the-art technology with uniquely qualified subject matter expertise to provide unmatched value. This is the most effective and efficient cargo and freight screening and resolution process available; this solution covers all of the bases. The efficiency of this resolution allows the sort process to remain unimpeded, by allowing you to isolate and inspect the package the canine indicates on, all while the sort process continues.

This technology is unique to the industry, and carries DHS SAFETY Act coverage, which provides certain catastrophic liability protection in the event of a terrorist attack, occurs while MSA’s Canine or SmartTech® Services are deployed. It successfully supports the industry’s mission to augment safety and enhance screening efficiency by:

  • Eliminating the misinterpretation of suspicious items
  • Mitigating security risks and liability
  • Preventing potential service delays and business disruption
  • Reducing unnecessary evacuations
  • Avoiding the mishandling of a true IED threat

The air cargo sector continues to be a top target for terrorists. As such, security vigilance remains a top priority. MSA is prepared to support the sector and the expected TSA 3rd Party Canine Program. Our fleet has over 500 active Windsor Teams, 90 of which are specifically trained for the cargo sector, and over 720 SmartTech® units online today, 135 that are stationed in cargo/freight/airline companies. Additionally MSA employs over 40 FBI-Trained bomb technicians in our Emergency Operations Center (EOC).

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