Christine Spigai

They say that if you love your job, you will never work a day in your life. MSA Security® Protective Services Operative Mark Greaves could not agree more! A self-described “people person,” with a passion for fitness, Mark says the role he has held at MSA for five years is the perfect fit.

Protecting people, property and assets from today’s heightened threat environment is critical for any organization. Potential security risks are far ranging and can happen at any time, any place and often without warning. Armed or unarmed, MSA protective services operatives  are deployed overtly as a visual deterrent, or covertly, blending into their environment for surveillance detail. They are frequently positioned at checkpoints, throughout venues and office buildings, or for the personal protection of high-profile individuals.

Mark’s daily assignments in the New York Metropolitan area vary and that is an aspect of his job that he says is enjoyable. Although, he readily admits that it is often hard to say goodbye to a client after working closely with them. “It is important for me to build relationships with each of my clients. By getting to know their preferences and unique needs, I can customize my security approach to best serve them and afford them greater peace of mind,” he explains.

MSA operatives like Mark are highly trained to meet a variety of threat scenarios, respond to ever-changing risk environments and de-escalate confrontation – all while maintaining optimal discretion and a professional demeanor. With superior qualifications, they must pass rigorous training and certification standards. Ongoing education and training help maintain optimal skills and preparedness in the field. Mark also credits MSA’s Intelligence Team for providing a timely, detailed and actionable understanding of the current threat environment. “Regardless of my deployment, I can count on our intel analysts to share relevant insight. With this situational awareness, I am well prepared and in a much better position to anticipate potential threats,” explains Mark.

With a demanding high consequence career, Mark embraces the opportunity to unwind in his off time. He loves to take his motorcycle out for long rides when the weather is nice and says that workouts at the gym, basketball with friends and boxing keep him at the top of his game mentally and physically.


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