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On Wednesday, December 2nd, at least 14 people were killed and 21 others injured when 28-year-old Syed Rizwan Farook and 27-year-old- Tashfeen Malik opened fire at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernadino, California. The married couple stormed into a conference room, where county health department employees were holding a holiday banquet. The shooters were reportedly wearing black tactical gear and carrying assault rifles and handguns. A remote controlled car outfitted with a cluster of three pipe bombs was also found at the scene, but it was not detonated during the attack. Following the shooting, Farook and Malik fled in a rented black Ford Expedition with Utah plates. Hours later, police received a tip that led to a home approximately ten miles away in Redlands, CA. Officers located the vehicle near the home and a pursuit ensued. Both shooters were killed during an exchange of gunfire with police.

According to the police, pipe bombs and over 1,600 rounds of .223 caliber and 9mm ammunition were found in the vehicle. A search of the residence in Redlands also uncovered 12 explosive devices, bomb-making tools and materials as well as 2,500 rounds of .223 caliber ammunition. Malik and Farook are both listed on the lease for the Redlands townhouse. It is believed that they lived in the home with their six-month-old baby.


At this time, the motive for the attack remains under investigation. Farook worked for the San Bernadino county health department and had been at the party earlier in the day, before returning with his wife to carry out the attack. There are conflicting reports as to whether he left the party following a dispute; however, given the well-organized nature of the attack and incorporation of explosives, it appears it was likely planned for some time. This had led to speculation that there may be both a terrorism and workplace violence component to the attack, although it is unknown at this time whether the suspects had ties to an organized terrorist group.

According to local and federal authorities, Farook was unknown to police before the attack, but they are still looking into Malik. Farook was born to Pakistani immigrants in the U.S. He later traveled overseas to marry Malik, who is a Pakistani citizen. There are also reports that she lived in Saudi Arabia, and the couple may have traveled in the region before settling in the U.S. At the time of the shooting, she was in the U.S. on a Pakistani passport under a K-1 visa. Police are currently reviewing their digital footprint to determine whether they were in contact with individuals linked to international terrorism.

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