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SmartTech Explosive Detection System

SmartTech, a DHS Safety Act certified technology developed by MSA Security, utilizes high speed audio and video feeds connected to an existing X-Ray security system, which can instantly transmit suspect images to the MSA Emergency Operations Center (EOC) for threat detection and analysis, and consultation by our staff of highly-experienced bomb technicians.

SmartTech provides our clients with the very best in threat detection equipment and support, x-ray security, mail room screening, and remote monitoring by eliminating the need for clients to unnecessarily shut down systems, evacuate their facility or disrupt business. Most importantly, SmartTech is a tool for preventing questionable or unknown items from breaching a facility. SmartTech threat detection and x-ray securty service improves a facility's existing explosive detection capabilities and increases the overall security posture of various organizations.

SmartTech x-ray security and threat detection equipment and support can be used for a variety of facilities and organizations, including:

  • High-Volume Facility Entrances
  • Sports and Entertainment Venues
  • Transportation Hubs
  • Cargo Inspection Ports
  • Checkpoint Screening
  • Mail Rooms
  • Loading Docks
  • Messenger Centers

For more information about how SmartTech can improve your organization's x-ray security scanner, mail room screening equipment, and threat detection capabilities, download our SmartTech fact sheet, below. 

Download our SmartTech Fact Sheet