Explosive Detection Canine Teams

MSA Security®, An Allied Universal® Company, is where our nation’s best defenders are trained.  MSA has remained at the forefront of the industry since 1987 with the largest fleet of canine detection teams in the private sector and a reputation for excellence. With an uncompromised commitment to comprehensive best-in-class training of canines and handlers, MSA delivers unrivaled and nationally certified Canine Detection Teams that keep millions of people safe across the globe. You will find MSA Canine Detection Teams working everywhere, sniffing out the potential threat of explosives or firearms.


A Canine Detection Program Rooted in Training

All MSA specially bred canines are paired with professional handlers with law enforcement or military experience and required to pass a rigorous training program that yields the most effective and accurate Explosive Detection and Firearms Detection Canine Teams. Ongoing sustainment training at one of MSA's numerous ATF-licensed training centers throughout the country maintains each working dog’s capability.


Explosive Detection Dogs

MSA Explosive Detection Canines are imprinted and trained on all five families of commercial and military grade explosives, in addition to homemade explosives (HMEs) like TATP and HMTD. Our training produces DHS SAFETY Act designated teams with canines capable of detecting a full range of commercial and homemade explosives – regardless of how a threat is presented.

Firearms Detection Dogs

MSA offers an innovative new security solution with Firearms Detection Canines. In addition to the full range of commercial and homemade explosive odors, all FDC Teams are imprinted and trained to detect odors associated with firearms, whether or not previously fired. These odors include cleaning solvents, oils, holster materials and more. Teams are trained in odor tracking so they can identify a firearm on a moving person and follow the scent to the source, even in crowded venues. 

canine detection team detecting firearm in linecanine detection team sniffing cargodetection team conducting vehicle sweep


Key Industry Distinctions

Why Choose MSA Canine Detection Teams

World-class explosive detection and firearms detection dogs aren’t born, they’re made.

From our canines to our handlers to our detection dog training facilities, MSA consistently meets the highest level of performance standards. As a result, MSA Canine Detection Teams are deployed in some of the world’s most targeted threat areas.

When it comes to bomb and gun detecting dogs, not all breeds are the same. MSA dogs are carefully vetted sporting breeds, selected for their keen sense of smell, drive, intelligence, stable temperament and eagerness to please. By selecting only the best of the best, MSA canines have longer and more successful explosive and firearms detecting careers.

MSA’s full-time team of canine handlers carries military or law enforcement backgrounds. Before they begin working with MSA detection dogs, they undergo extensive training in Explosive Detection, Firearms Detection, Counter Surveillance and Behavior Pattern Recognition.  They receive continuing education and training to successfully address the ever-evolving threat landscape.

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