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MSA Security is where our nation’s best defenders are trained. With an uncompromised commitment to comprehensive best-in-class training of our canines and handlers, MSA delivers an unrivaled and nationally-certified Canine Detection Team that keeps millions of people safe across the globe. You’ll find MSA Canine Detection Teams working everywhere sniffing out potential threats from both stationary and mobile explosive odors in professional sports stadiums, airports, amphitheaters, cargo facilities, loading docks and more.



Canine Detection Program Skilled in Stationary and Mobile Explosive Odor Detection

Our highly-successful program is rooted in an unmatched training philosophy and the unique-to-the-industry focus on the development of single purpose, single handler teams that are trained exclusively in explosive odor detection. With over 850 company-owned canines and certified EDC teams deployed globally, a Canine Detection Team is far and away the most effective way to detect explosives in active environments – regardless of how that threat is presented. Our dogs are imprinted, methodically trained and well equipped to detect explosive odor and follow it to its source when presented in stationary forms, on person or in air.

              Firearms Detection Canine Team conducting search on male inside lobby areaEDC Body Sea worldEDC Body World Series


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Why Choose MSA Canine Detection Teams

World-class bomb dogs aren’t born, they’re made.

From our canines to our handlers to our training facilities, MSA consistently meets the highest level of performance standards. As a result, you’ll find MSA Canine Detection Teams deployed in some of the world’s most targeted areas.

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