Complete X-ray Screening Solution for Explosives Detection

In today’s heightened threat environment, X-ray screening for explosives is vital for the protection of every organization’s people, property and assets and must be part of any robust security plan. MSA Security® subject matter experts evaluate individual client needs to develop customized explosives screening solutions that include X-ray screening equipment, screener training and remote support from experienced bomb techs.  

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Explosives Screening Equipment

MSA provides options for the lease, purchase, delivery, installation and maintenance of today’s most sophisticated, flexible and portable explosives screening equipment. Experienced bomb technicians recommend the right X-ray screening devices for every unique environment and process configuration.  


X-ray image screening for explosivesX-ray Screener Training for Explosives Detection

Online and onsite X-ray screener training focuses on image interpretation, explosives recognition, IED awareness and more. Custom programs, designed by MSA’s FBI-trained bomb technicians, align with an organization’s specific screening environment and threat concerns, and are rooted in an extensive library of real-world images. Ongoing updates and informational bulletins regularly communicate trends in today’s security threat landscape, timely tips for X-ray screeners and images they are likely to encounter when screening for all types of explosives. 

comprehensive explosives screening solutionRemote 24/7 Bomb Tech Support

Experienced, well-trained X-ray screeners are a crucial component of successful bomb threat detection. MSA Security’s patented SmartTech® technology integrates with existing X-ray screening equipment, enabling onsite screeners access to MSA’s Emergency Operations Center in real time, 24 hours a day / 365 days a year. MSA’s FBI-trained bomb technicians resolve suspicious images in seconds without operational disruption.


How will your team screening for explosives assess the next threat?

Improve your organization’s security posture. Empower X-ray screeners with the right state-of-the-art bomb threat detection tools and essential screener training required to protect people and assets, minimizing business disruption.


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Complete X-ray Screening Solution Fact Sheet