Uniformed Armed Operatives

MSA’s Armed Security Services are an Effective and Proven Deterrent Against Terrorism and Hostile Actors

MSA deploys Uniformed Armed Operatives for heightened protection of high-profile locations, such as landmarks, financial institutions, and sports and entertainment venues. This team of specially trained officers act as a force multiplier to proprietary or contracted guard forces. In black attire, they wear visible uniformed duty belts and carry holstered duty weapons and equipment. Their overt deployment hardens security at any facility and deters hostile actors.

Uniformed Armed Operatives deployed for security services maintain unique technical abilities and experience. Operatives are trained to respond to a multitude of scenarios in the evolving threat spectrum, de-escalating confrontation and maintaining order. They bridge the gap between the initiation of an incident and law enforcement response. In today’s heightened threat environment, it is critical to protect against the range of potential security-related events – from active shooters to disorderly fan conduct.

Customized Security Plans that Can Cover a Variety of Responsibilities

MSA’s experienced team of program managers work closely with each client to understand the requirements and objectives of the security program, designing a customized and detailed deployment plan to best address those needs. Operatives are frequently deployed with the following responsibilities:

  • Secure and patrol client premises for a full range of potential hazards, including unauthorized intrusion, disorderly conduct, violent activity, explosive incidents, vehicle rammings and more
  • Identify and de-escalate verbal conflict and potential or overt acts of violence
  • Protect life and property in emergencies and facilitate rescue operations when necessary
  • Respond to medical emergencies as required and as properly trained
  • Liaise between the client, law enforcement and MSA’s Emergency Operations Center to maintain a secure environment
  • Establish security priorities, delegate responsibility as necessary and conduct training of the client's security personnel as requested


Operatives are supported by MSA’s Intelligence team. The Intel team conducts daily open source research using a host of technology solutions and sends out alerts on the global threat environment. Operatives in the field are updated on a near-real-time basis about events that may impact their clients’ security operations.

Background, Training and Experience

Counterterrorism training is provided to all MSA Uniformed Armed Operatives at the onset of service assignment and on an ongoing basis. Specific security training topics include rapid interview and assessment, de-escalation techniques, behavior pattern recognition and probing and testing response. Operatives are educated on the terrorist attack cycle and instructed on indicators of pre-operational surveillance.  

MSA Operatives undergo semi-annual live-fire training for active shooter response in accordance with MSA’s proprietary "Golden 15" program. Operatives are tested in highly stressful "shoot-don't-shoot" scenarios and evaluated on their ability to quickly and accurately engage a hostile threat.  A full list of specialized training includes:

    • Active Shooter Response
      (MSA's Proprietary Golden 15 Program)
      Alcohol Management
      Counter Surveillance
      Customer Service
      Crisis Management
      Dignitary Protection

    • Emergency Medicine
      Evacuation Protocols
      National Incident Management System
      Tactical Rescue
      Behavior Pattern Recognition

Experience Makes the Difference in Our Security Services

MSA’s Uniformed Armed Operatives are high-end security professionals drawn from the ranks of specialized law enforcement organizations.

  • Bomb Squad
  • Counterterrorism Division
  • Detective Squads
  • SWAT
  • Intelligence Division
  • Joint Terrorist Task Force

All MSA Uniformed Armed Operatives are active or retired police officers and licensed to carry a 9-millimeter or 40-caliber firearm in accordance with state and local regulations. MSA employs a licensing coordinator who continually monitors the status of employee permits and ensures appropriate training, testing and recertification.


Additional Protective Services Offerings:

Enhanced Protection Specialists: Deployed for high-profile facilities, office locations and public events

Hostile Surveillance Specialists: Deployed to identify and interdict pre-operational surveillance

Executive Protection: Deployed for high-profile executives and individuals who face a wide range of security risk exposure