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MSA Security leads the industry with the most effective, efficient, and expansive explosive detection canine solutions available. We have worked with the air cargo industry’s leading carriers since 2012, honing and refining our program to address evolving threats and operational requirements. In that time our canine program has more than doubled in size and reach, with teams deployed from New York to Los Angeles to Hong Kong. Today, MSA’s Canine Detection Teams screen more cargo on a daily basis than any other private provider.


MSA’s Bomb-Sniffing Dogs Deliver Effective Air Cargo Screening Solutions

The most effective and efficient way to screen cargo for explosives is with an MSA Canine Detection Team.  All teams deployed to air cargo environments have undergone thorough operational training in various cargo configurations. Whether it’s a ULD, Cookie Sheet, Homogenized Pallet, or Loose or Bagged Cargo, MSA Canine Detection Teams quickly assess even the largest of cargo areas for potential explosive threats – without disrupting business operations.


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The Most Efficient Screening Solution


MSA Explosive Detection Canine teams have changed the way leading carriers screen packages – increasing safety, improving efficiencies and lowering costs. It once took 6 hours for a single ULD to be X-ray screened for explosive threats. A Canine Detection Team sweeps that same area in just minutes.      

While screening via technology can be cumbersome, labor intensive, and expensive, explosive detection canines provide an efficient solution. In a dynamic screening environment, power sources and size limitations can challenge an efficient process. Rather than configuring your sort or freight process around technology, canines are able to work around your existing processes with minimal to no disruption.     

  • Canine Handler Teams Sweeping Cargo

    “A properly imprinted and trained canine remains the most effective and operationally efficient tool for cargo screening.” 

    Brandon Fried
    Executive Director, Air Forwarders Association



    "After $19 billion spent over six years, Pentagon realizes the best bomb detector is a dog."

    Dan Nosowitz
    Popular Science Magazine

    German Shepherd and Handler Sweeping Boxes



MSA Security is the Largest Private Provider of Explosive Detection Canine Teams in the World

With a commitment to comprehensive operational training, 300 of our more than 850 global Canine Detection Teams are specially trained and prepared for air cargo industry deployment. MSA has dozens of TSA Certified 3PK9 Teams deployed across the United States.

The industry demand for skilled EDC teams grows more significant each day. Actively engaged with the industry, MSA Canine Detection Teams meet rigorous TSA CCSP-K9 standards and are well equipped to support third-party screening demands from regulated cargo carriers of all sizes. With offices and training facilities in key global markets, MSA maintains an ever-growing footprint with the ability to rapidly scale to address changes in the aviation security space.


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