Executive Protection

Security for the Business Elite

For high-profile executives whose work exposes them to security risks, MSA’s Executive Protection service represents the ultimate in safety and peace of mind for their family, associates and themselves.

Comprised of veteran members of law enforcement and the military, every member of our Executive Protection team has specialized training in:

    • Active Shooter Response
      (MSA's Proprietary Golden 15 Program)   

    • Counterterrorism

    • Crisis Management

    • De-escalation

    • Behavior Pattern Recognition

    • Counter Surveillance

    • Customer Service

    • Dignitary Protection

    • Emergency Medicine

    • Firearms

    • High Risk Motor Vehicle Operation

    • National Incident Management System

    • Tactical Rescue


Executive Protection Operatives may be deployed overtly as a visual deterrent, or covertly, blending seamlessly into their environment. They can be armed or unarmed, according to client requests. Operatives are commonly deployed to protect:

  • High-Profile Corporate Executives

  • High-Value Retail Companies

  • Celebrities

  • Human Resource Departments

  • Secure & Discreet

    MSA keeps our clients safe while minimizing the inconveniences that often accompany less experienced security details. Our professionals understand the importance of confidentiality and sensitivity. They maintain the ability to blend into almost any environment, while quickly assessing situations and employing appropriate countermeasures when needed. Friendly, courteous, and intelligent, our security teams combine the ultimate in security with unparalleled discretion.

  • Comprehensive Communications & Tracking

    MSA also provides a technology solution to our Executive Protection service. This integrates a complete communications and tracking that enables MSA to monitor and communicate with a person anywhere in the world. This system provides clients with the ability to directly communicate with MSA's Emergency Operations Center (EOC) 24/7, maintaining situational awareness of a client's safety at all times.