CBRNE Mailroom Screening is Vital to Any Security Program

Does your frontline security program consider mail screening? As decades of real-world incidents have shown us, the mail remains an open avenue for dangerous actors to perpetrate harm. Any organization can be targeted with chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear or explosive threats delivered through an unsecured mail system. Whether a lone wolf actor with a personal grievance or a sophisticated terrorist cell with a political agenda, the threat is persistent. Business continuity, the safety of your personnel, and your brand reputation are all at stake in your mailroom.

From commercial real estate to entertainment venues and everywhere in between, comprehensive CBRNE mail screening is a key component of a robust security program. The most sophisticated perimeter security program can fail if hostile actors infiltrate your facility through the mailroom. Even the threat of an incident or a hoax device can derail business continuity, costing millions of dollars in lost revenue and productivity. MSA Security’s mailroom screening program takes this burden off your shoulders with a comprehensive solution for today’s threat environment.


How MSA’s Mail Screening Works 

MSA Security® works with organizations of all sizes across industries and geographies to build customized mail screening programs that meet individual client needs. We partner with leading mail screening technology providers to bring this turn-key solution to the commercial market. Mail screening can be implemented offsite at a secure location, or conveniently and safely onsite within your facility.

State-of-the-art Technology

Experienced Mail Screeners

Subject Matter Experts


The Most Advanced Mail Screening Technology 

MSA’s mail screening program leverages its proprietary DHS SAFETY Act-designated SmartTech® explosive screening technology and advanced chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear detection equipment.


Effective X-ray Mail Screeners

Highly trained mail screeners process and clear your mail in a matter of hours. These well vetted professionals maintain a comprehensive understanding of the security threat spectrum and years of experience identifying and addressing hazardous materials. They maintain a single chain of custody for your mail and ensure a seamless delivery process. 


MSA X-ray screener subject matter experts Subject Matter Experts in CBRNE Screening

Onsite mail screeners are supported by a command center managed around-the-clock by MSA bomb technicians, as well as chemical and biological threat technicians. With the touch of a button, screeners access the private industry’s most experienced threat mitigation experts who can liaise with law enforcement and streamline the incident response process. 



“Misinterpretation of suspicious items is a liability risk leading to unnecessary evacuations, operational inefficiencies or – in the worst case – the mishandling of a true CBRNE threat.”

- Joseph Beglane, Director of SmartTech®


Benefits of MSA Security CBRNE Mailroom Screening

MSA Security’s comprehensive CBRNE mail screening solution has been deployed across government agencies and commercial environments for years. This vetted solution offers organizations of every size and scope the opportunity to secure mailroom vulnerabilities at scale and at cost.

          • Accurate CBRNE Detection
          • Enhanced Business Continuity
          • Efficient Same-Day Screening
          • Streamlined Chain of Custody
          • Cost-Effective Solution
          • Seamless Maintenance Process
          • Access to Cadre of Mail Screening Experts


Be in the Know on Best Mail Screening Practices

MSA houses over 40 FBI-trained bomb technicians in its Emergency Operations Center (EOC). To keep clients current on the latest emerging threats, they gather and vet open-source intelligence reports from around the world each day. They share best practices, emerging threats and breaking news on mail screening issues that can affect mailroom security. In addition, a periodic newsletter discusses trends in terrorism, explosive screening and detection, changes in the National Terrorism Advisory System and many other topics of vital client interest. Click here to subscribe to our newsletter today!

More information on the value of MSA Security’s mailroom screening program, can be read in this blog from MSA’s most-read library.



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CBRNE Mailroom Screening Fact Sheet