MSA’s mailroom screening services virtually minimize business disruptions due to unnecessary evacuations 

Mailroom screening equipment and procedures are a vital part of any threat security program. Throughout the industry, corporate security organizations have recognized the mail as a potential avenue for threats to enter a facility. Many organizations, particularly those with publicly recognizable brands and personnel, take measures to ensure the safety of persons receiving the mail through implementation of a comprehensive screening process.

The only method for safely ensuring that mail and packages do not contain explosive threats is through the application of X-ray screening technologies.  

End-To-End Screening Solution

X-ray screening is a critical component of an effective and layered security plan and essential in combatting today’s escalating risk of IEDs. While today’s advanced technology delivers meaningful explosive detection capabilities, experienced and well-trained X-ray screeners are key to successful screening. Misinterpretation of suspicious items is a liability risk leading to unnecessary evacuations, operational inefficiencies or – in the worst case – the mishandling of a true explosive threat.

MSA’s patented SmartTech® integrates with existing X-ray equipment allowing a facility – regardless of size or scope – the ability to examine any package in real time through the highly-trained eyes of a bomb technician.

From X-ray machines to metal detectors, purchase to rental, and installation to maintenance, MSA is ready to help your business become more safe and secure. 

We currently sell and maintain X-ray machines manufactured by Smiths Detection, L-3 Communications, Astrophysics, and Morpho Detection.

Be in the Know

MSA houses over 40 FBI-Trained bomb technicians in our Emergency Operations Center (EOC) who keep our clients up-to-date on emerging threats by delivering breaking news about issues that can affect their mailroom security. The technicians gather and vet open source intelligence reports from around the world on a daily basis. They produce a newsletter discussing trends in terrorism, explosive screening and detection, changes in the National Terrorism Advisory System and many other topics of interest to our clients.

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