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Firearms Detection Canine sniffing man standing in line for firearm

One of the most significant threats today is the sustained increase in active shooter attacks and criminal gun violence. MSA Security® Firearms Detection Canines provide clients with an effective, versatile and dynamic solution to aid in the deterrence and detection of a concealed firearm. Our canines empower organizations to prevent a potential mass casualty event, minimizing risk to people, protecting brand reputation and reducing liability.


Training Unique to Firearms Detection Canines

All MSA Firearms Detection Canines are first trained as Explosive Detection Canines at one of MSA’s regional training sites. They learn to detect all five families of commercial and military grade explosives, including gunpowder and homemade explosives. Dogs intended for firearm detection deployment then complete additional training specific to odors associated with firearms. Different than any other deployment, these canines are imprinted to detect low-explosive powders, as well as cleaning solvents and other related odors, which enable the dogs to indicate the presence of a firearm, whether previously fired or static.


MSA Canine Handler with Gun Sniffing DogLeveraging MSA Dogs to Deter Mass Casualties

MSA Firearms Detection Canine Teams prove a strong deterrent to active and mass shooter incidents within soft targets like schools, shopping centers and malls, corporate campuses and large gathering spaces. FDC Teams offer key benefits:

  • Proactive and Visible Deterrent
  • Create Safe Environment
  • Accurate and Clear Detect Capability
  • Non-Intrusive
  • Immediate Response
  • Speed, Versatility and Mobility







MSA Explosive v Firearms Canine Chart 


More information on the value of MSA Security’s Firearms Detection Canines in a variety of environments, can be read in this blog from MSA’s most-read library.


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Download our Fact Sheet or contact us at info@msasecurity.net.

Firearms Detection Canine Fact Sheet 






Firearms Canine FAQ Sheet Thumbnail Image

Learn more about how MSA Firearms Detection Canine Teams are imprinted, trained and deployed.

Firearms Detection Canine Teams FAQ




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