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MSA CEO, Glen Kucera


From CEO Glen Kucera

A cornerstone of the success of MSA Security and its subsidiaries (collectively, “MSA” or the “Company”) has been the high degree of professionalism and integrity demonstrated everyday by our employees throughout the Company. MSA is committed to always acting ethically and providing quality services to our clients with integrity and professionalism, and in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and client requirements. It is also MSA’s policy to compete fairly and in accordance with all applicable procurement rules.

This is possible only when all MSA employees perform their jobs with the highest standards of ethical conduct, with consideration of the interests of our clients, other employees, subcontractors, suppliers and the communities affected by our work. MSA’s reputation depends on the actions employees take and the decisions they make each day. Therefore, MSA expects every employee to conduct his or her business affairs in a manner that protects and even strengthens MSA’s reputation. To formalize these expectations, MSA maintains a Corporate Compliance and Ethics Program.

As we grow in numbers and in the variety of clients and locales that we serve, it is important that we provide clear guidelines regarding how we should approach important issues and decisions that may arise as we strive to provide the best service to our clients and the best workplace environment for our employees. This Code of Conduct, together with the policies and procedures governing our operations, are intended to be key sources for that guidance.

The objective of this Code of Conduct is to provide information on the expectations and processes that should guide our business behavior on a variety of issues. Every effort has been made to ensure that this Code of Conduct is clear, practical, and consistent. However, no document can address every situation, so we encourage you to raise questions with your manager or other appropriate person in the event that something is unclear.

We are absolutely committed to conducting all of our business with the highest degree of ethics and consistent with the expectations and guidelines expressed in this Code of Conduct. We hope it is a helpful guide for how we are expected to conduct ourselves and our business, and fully anticipate that everyone from myself to the newest employee will embrace and adhere to it.

If you have any questions about our Code of Conduct or or indeed any concerns about MSA Security, please contact our Chief Compliance and Ethics Officer at any time, day or night at 212-509-1336 x239.

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Glen Kucera
Chief Executive Officer