MSA X-ray Screener Training Helps Identify the Threat

X-ray screener training is a critical component of any effective layered security plan and essential in addressing today’s threat of IEDs. While X-ray screening technology provides meaningful explosive detection capabilities, experienced and well-trained screeners are the keycomponent to success. Be sure your X-ray screeners are trained by MSA Security’s experienced bomb technicians.

Misinterpretation of suspicious items is a liability risk and can lead to unnecessary evacuations, operational inefficiencies or – in the worst case – the mishandling of a true explosive threat.


X-ray Security Screening Starts with Trained Eyes

MSA provides a range of online and in-house X-ray Screener Training Programs to ensure your screening team is well equipped to identify and detect threats before they enter your facility. Using a proprietary approach that combines dynamic training content, real-world X-ray image analysis and proven threat detection techniques, MSA’s educational training courses teach screeners how to identify and respond to a variety of threats. In an ever-evolving threat environment, continuing screener training will provide critical insight into the myriad of unique threat presentations and improve effectiveness.


MSA X-ray Screener Training Includes the Following Areas:

  • Basic X-ray Interpretation

  • Improvised Explosive Devices

  • Basic Explosives Recognition/IED Awareness

  • Principles of Screening

  • Vehicle Search Inspection Training

  • Practices of Screening

  • X-ray History and Safety

  • Review and Testing

  • X-ray Physics

How will your X-ray screening team assess the next explosives threat?

In addition to screener training programs, MSA Security supports screeners across the globe with real-time access to MSA’s FBI-trained bomb technicians through its state-of-the-art SmartTech® solution. This patented technology integrates with existing X-ray screening equipment, enabling onsite screeners access to MSA’s Emergency Operations Center for support on suspicious images 24 hours a day / 365 days a year.


X-ray Screener Training Specifications 

Online X-ray Interpretation Training Specifications