X Ray Screening Training

See What Threats Look Like

MSA X-ray Screener Training Helps Your Team See Better

Make sure your X-ray screening team is trained by the best. MSA provides a range of online and in-house X-ray Screener Training to ensure your staff has the knowledge to identify and detect threats before they enter your facility.

Using a proprietary approach that combines X-ray image analysis with IED and other threat detection techniques, MSA’s courses teach screeners how to identify and respond to a variety of threats.

MSA X-ray Screener Training includes the following areas:

  • Basic X-ray Interpretation

  • Basic Explosives Recognition/IED Awareness

  • Security Checkpoint Operations

  • Vehicle Search Inspection Training 

  • X-ray History and Safety

  • X-ray Physics

  • Improvised Explosive Devices

  • Principles of Screening

  • Practices of Screening

  • Review and Testing

X-ray Screener Training Specifications 

             Online X-ray Interpretation Training Specifications