MSA Investigation Services

Aware. Informed. In-Depth.

A complete suite of thorough, efficient and discreet investigative services.

When the stakes are high and you need answers, you can rely on MSA Investigation Services. Headquartered in New York City, our clients include law firms, insurance companies, private equity firms, financial institutions, non-profit entities and government agencies.

Our success stems from our unparalleled ability to meet client needs through cost-effective, thorough investigative services. These include:

Why MSA Investigation Services

The heart of MSA Investigations is our world-class team, drawn from a diverse range of fields including law enforcement, education, non-profit organizations, professional sports and more. This diversity allows MSA Investigations to bring a unique vision to each engagement regardless of the scope.

Whether directing a complex corporate investigation for a Fortune 500 company, probing a large misappropriation of funds case, or performing due diligence for a private equity firm prior to making a significant investment, we ensure our investigative plans closely align to our client needs and budget.

Our investigators always maintain the strictest discretion and confidentiality in handling all client information. All MSA investigations are conducted in compliance with existing federal, state and county laws.

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