TSA CCSP-K9 Compliance

MSA Security is the aviation sector’s most trusted partner for CCSP-K9 regulatory compliance. MSA’s team of experts first engaged with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in 2010, providing subject matter expertise on canine screening as the agency developed the CCSP-K9 for aviation security. MSA’s guidance on a strong and effective explosive detection canine program aided TSA’s development of the current cargo screening standards. In addition to air cargo regulated screening in the U.S., MSA collaborated with regulatory bodies in countries throughout the world to support their compliance models.

Decades of canine training and deployment proficiency, including prior work with Federal government entities, allowed MSA to roll out its regulated cargo screening program swiftly with success. When the program launched in 2019, MSA was the first CCSP-K9 canine provider to earn approval and certification.


TSA CCSP-K9 compliance technology

Air Cargo Screening Compliance Made Easy

MSA remains at the forefront of the security industry. The company is committed to staying ahead of evolving air cargo screening demands. MSA delivers state-of-the-art technology that meets TSA CCSP-K9 screening compliance requirements and streamlines the K9 screening workflow for all stakeholders. Backed by years of industry experience, the proprietary solution automates compliance requirements, offers a robust record-keeping process and the flexibility to allow screening in all cargo environments.


Helping Meet TSA 3PK9 Compliance

MSA Security’s regulatory experts work closely with clients to facilitate adherence to all TSA CCSP-K9 requirements. MSA’s knowledgeable compliance team liaises with TSA representatives and industry stakeholders to meet all current regulatory requirements. To confirm readiness for TSA 3PK9 audits, MSA subject matter experts coordinate directly with clients and MSA’s executive management team. Clients benefit from transparency, accuracy, peace of mind and measurable performance metrics that promote compliance across their air cargo screening operations.


Benefits at a Glance

Clients benefit from transparency, accuracy, peace of mind and measurable performance metrics ensuring compliance across their cargo screening operations.

computer, tablet and smartphone icon

 Available on all mobile devices and computers

 Centralized data platform available at user's fingertips

 Supports multiple screening modes

person with a check mark icon

 ✔ User friendly dashboards

 ✔ Handler can focus on screening

  Paper-free, digital solution

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  Accepts advance shipment data

  Automates transfer documentation

  Streamlines task assignments  

  Provides performance metrics

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 ✔ Minimizes record keeping costs

 ✔ Scales to organizational needs

 ✔ Tracks production rates and forecasts costs

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 ✔ Encrypted cloud-based storage

  Role-based user access

  Smooth, compliant transfer of cargo


Read more on MSA Security’s Air Cargo Explosive Detection Canine Screening Program. Download our Fact Sheet or contact us at info@msasecurity.net.

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