Enhance Explosives Screening Accuracy with Trained Eyes   

Be sure of what you’re seeing. MSA Security® developed SmartTech® to support organizations’ bomb screening with expert analysis of suspicious images at the touch of a button. MSA’s proprietary DHS SAFETY Act-designated technology enables real-time review and interpretation of X-ray screener images by our expert team of bomb technicians working 24/7 in MSA’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC) in New York City.

For high-volume facilities and businesses, a shutdown of even just a few minutes can result in millions of dollars lost. SmartTech® effectively reduces the possibility of such disruptions.


Unique and Patented X-ray Screener Support Technology

SmartTech® enhances X-ray explosives screening operations by connecting existing X-ray screening machines directly to MSA’s EOC. If a screener is uncertain or finds anything unusual during image interpretation, they can access an MSA bomb technician for support using this state-of-the-art high-speed technology. These FBI-trained eyes quickly validate screener decision-making, saving productivity and expense.

•    Important consultation on critical decisions
•    Enhances safety and security of personnel and property
•    Mitigates costly business disruption
•    Reduces unnecessary evacuations
•    Increases screener confidence and education

Improve X-ray Screener Confidence on IED Image Presentation

SAFETY ActDesignation

Look for the BLUE DHS SAFETY Act Seal

Organizations using SmartTech® gain peace of mind with complete liability protection in the event of a terrorist attack. In 2004, the Department of Homeland Security designated MSA’s SmartTech® under the SAFETY Act. 


SmartTech® Deployment

Ideal for deployments in spaces including:

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SmartTech® Fact Sheet