MSA Intelligence

Information on Every Risk. Insight Into Every Threat.


MSA Intelligence offers a richer, more detailed understanding of the current threat environment. Our analysts possess decades of experience monitoring and countering threats worldwide. Unique to MSA is our ability to leverage analysts from the military, law enforcement, journalism, and academia. Together, they provide a 360° picture of the threat spectrum, on issues including terrorism, civil unrest, severe weather events, hostile environments and more.

MSA Intelligence Services Include:

Why Choose MSA Intelligence

Through strategic analysis of criminal events and statistics, terrorist incidents, tactics, tradecraft, life safety issues, civil disobedience and other factors including severe weather, we provide a true “all hazards” analytical product.

We provide a choice of subscription-based intelligence packages with the ability to customize to meet your strategic requirements.

Strategic Intelligence Analysis:
Assessing the Threat Environment

MSA’s Strategic Intelligence Analysis Team helps you reduce risk, anticipate crisis and stay informed. Through in-depth analysis of regional, national and international threats, clients can expect a true “all hazards” analytical product, customized to address your needs and evolving threats.

Our Strategic Intelligence Analysis Includes:

  • Highlighting tailored issues most likely to impact your daily business operations and personnel

  • Threat-related reporting offered daily, weekly, and in response to unique events

  • Evolving threat trend analysis that can be applied to broader business interests

  • Near-real-time event coverage by subject matter experts

For assistance developing and pricing a custom program contact MSA's Strategic Intelligence Analysis team at info@msasecurity.net

Social Media Monitoring: See What’s Being Shared

To best combat threats, you need to be aware of how they organize and communicate. More and more that is happening through social media.

MSA offers a full suite of Social Media Monitoring services to keep you informed of what potential threats are thinking, doing and saying online. Here’s how:

  • Data pulled from more than 25 social media sites and millions of URLs in the index web

  • High alerts distributed via email, phone or text

  • 24/7 social media monitoring and access to analyst team for additional support

  • Weekly customized social media monitoring report highlighting trending topics, mentions of interest or items potentially impacting operations

Custom programs available. Contact MSA’s Social Media Monitoring Team at info@msasecurity.net

MSA Executive Package: The Only Summary You Need

The MSA Executive Package helps you maintain business-as-usual. It is your daily go-to resource for the latest intelligence and analysis on potential threats. Subscribe today to receive:

Contact MSA’s Social Media Monitoring Team at info@msasecurity.net