Hostile Surveillance Specialist

Anticipating and Eliminating Potential Threats

MSA’s Hostile Surveillance Specialist (HSS) program covertly analyzes potential threats and hostile activity, stopping threats before they manifest. Our elite HSS team is comprised of operatives from law enforcement, the military and private sector. They provide an integral service, monitoring critical surveillance areas for hostile activity and quickly ascertaining the nature of any and all threats.

MSA’s Hostile Surveillance Specialist program is ideal for deployment in:

  • Financial services sector

  • Critical infrastructure nodes

  • Key commercial facilities

  • Mass gathering venues

  • Universities and educational facilities

infographic showing terrorist attack cycle

Deployment & Responsibilities 

Commonly Surveilled Activities: Common Responsibilities: 
  • Unusual or prolonged interest in security force deployments or measures
  • Suspicious note-taking, video footage or cellphone camera use
  • Probing questions of security personnel about capabilities
  • Penetration testing of security systems
  • Unusual observation of security patterns or procedures
  • Suspicious vehicles entering, leaving or parking in facility areas
  • Engage suspicious personnel and document all incidents
  • Provide briefings on all information acquired
  • Assist security directors and managers in differentiating between normal and potentially hostile surveillance behavior
  • Act as the facility’s liaison to local law enforcement and other government agencies