MSA's Innovative Air Cargo Screening Technology

Air Cargo Industry Screening Challenges

With billions of pounds of cargo transported each day, the air cargo industry has a critical obligation to protect the public from security threats without hindering operational efficiency. For the identification of potential explosive threats, carriers have historically relied on X-ray screening and explosive trace detection, but these technologies have yielded costly inefficiencies. MSA has developed an innovative screening process to address the industry’s needs.

Patented Security Process Designed Specifically for the Air Cargo Industry

MSA’s patented Advanced Alarm Resolution addresses the Air Cargo Industry’s screening needs with best-in-class protection against explosive threats. The innovative sequence of three proven MSA explosive detection screening solutions blends state-of-the-art technology with uniquely-qualified subject matter expertise to provide unmatched value.

  • Facilitates comprehensive screening of all cargo
  • Prevents service delays and interruptions
  • Alleviates unnecessary evacuations and business disruptions
  • Avoids misidentification and misinterpretation of suspicious Items

A Unique Combination of Explosive Detection Canine Teams and Bomb Technicians

an unmatched canine nose paired with over 40 bomb technicians infographic1. An MSA Canine Detection Team – comprised of an Explosive Detection Canine and Handler – delivers the first
    layer in 
the patented process, conducting staggered screening of unit loading devices, pallets or other cargo

2. Upon canine indication of a potential threat, the identified package is extracted and X-rayed by an on-site 
    screener as the Canine Detection Team continues screening additional cargo.

3. Should additional interpretation be required, the on-site screener may transmit the suspicious X-ray image to
    the MSA Emergency Operations Center, utilizing our proprietary SmartTech® technology for real-time
    analysis and resolution by MSA’s FBI Trained bomb technicians.

Alleviates Misinterpretation of Suspicious Items

MSA’s Patented Advanced Alarm Resolution is the most effective and efficient cargo and freight screening and resolution process available. It successfully supports the industry’s mission to augment safety and enhance screening efficiency by

  • Eliminating the misinterpretation of suspicious items
  • Mitigating security risks and liability
  • Preventing potential service delays and business disruption
  • Reducing unnecessary evacuations
  • Avoiding the mishandling of a true IED threat


MSA Security® was issued U.S. Patent No. 9,922,386 on March 20, 2018.

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