Cyber Security

Keeping Sensitive Data Safe

Protecting sensitive data has become a top priority for virtually all businesses. MSA Investigations can help companies keep their data safe from hackers and other digital threats, and identify vulnerabilities in the underlying IT infrastructure.

  • Stage 1: Penetration Test

    This offers a view of the threats faced by the organization from outside. Our MSA Penetration Test Professionals take time to develop a cyber-profile of the company, and then interact directly with the systems to identify vulnerabilities. In this regard, we assume the role of an outsider attempting to penetrate a company's IT defenses, including any vulnerabilities in procedures and staff.

  • Stage 2: IT Security Assessment

    This step is where MSA identifies internal weaknesses from within a company's network. We examine the network’s vulnerabilities to detect evidence of employee wrongdoing or carelessness.  Additionally, a review of company policy can be conducted to identify weaknesses in processes and procedures.

Why MSA for Cyber Security?

MSA Investigations offers the ability for an organization to select the components from each of these stages that meet a company's needs, and implement an assessment plan that will address the particular issues and provide accurate results. Among the steps taken are the following:

  • Technical Reconnaissance

  • Operating System / Application Fingerprinting

  • Wireless Sweeps

  • Firewall Rule Set Review

  • Router Access Control List Review

  • Physical Computer (Server) Access Control (Physical Security Review)

  • IT Policy Review

  • Domain review – Active Directory / User Accounts / Permissions

  • Employee External Access Capabilities

  • Revocation Policy of Dismissed Employees

  • E-Mail Storage / Access Policy

  • Locally Installed Application Review

  • Security Interviews of IT Staff and Workforce Control Group

  • Log Management

  • Back-Up Policies / Storage

  • Vulnerability Scanners

To learn more about how MSA’s Cyber Security Services can help shield your sensitive data from network attacks, download our free Security Blueprint.