Explosive Detection Dogs

The threat of homemade explosives and improvised explosive devices (IEDs) continues to be significant across the globe. MSA Security® Explosive Detection Canines provide clients with an effective, versatile and robust solution to explosive screening and threat protection. Organizations of every size and scope can strengthen their security program, preventing mass casualties and liabilities with MSA bomb dogs.


MSA canines training for explosive screening and detectionTraining Canines Specifically for Explosive Screening and Detection 

MSA Explosive Detection Canines successfully address the threat of IEDs at high-profile targets, including sports and entertainment venues, public transit hubs, cargo facilities, landmarks, commercial buildings and more. Our explosive detection dogs are imprinted on all five families of commercial explosives, as well as homemade explosives (HMEs) like TATP and HMTD – always live and never “cocktailed” to maximize olfactory recognition in the field. Canines are then operationally trained at one of MSA’s regional training sites according to their intended deployment. Training is consistently validated through independent testing and certification on nationally recognized NAPWDA standards.




Key Benefits of Explosives Screening Canines

MSA Explosive Detection Dogs and their dedicated handlers prove a strong solution to today’s persistent threat of homemade explosives, with many key benefits:

• Proactive and Visible Deterrent
• Immediate, Accurate and Clear Detect Capability
• Non-intrusive to Operations
• Flexible for Easy and Quick Redirect
• Speed, Versatility and Mobility 
• Unmatched Stamina


MSA explosive screening canine team at workCanines Searching for Explosive Odor

All MSA Explosive Detection Canines are well trained in Explosive Odor Tracking, which is the ideal methodology for searching out person-borne homemade explosives that may be secreted in crowded venues. MSA’s single-handler teams unobtrusively seek explosive odors lingering in the air after a person carrying or wearing them has left an area. Once the canine detects an explosive odor, the team tracks it back to its source even through the most crowded venues or streets.


K9 Overview Fact Sheet

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Explosives Detection Canine Fact Sheet 



To learn more about MSA Security’s Explosive Detection Canine Teams and for an up-close look at how they support clients’ explosive screening needs a variety of environments, read our Detection Dog Spotlights.