Canine Teams Protect U.S. Transportation Systems

America’s transportation systems continue to be a primary soft target for terror. Each of our nation’s bus and rail stations, airports, ferry terminals and seaports move tens of thousands of people daily. Effective, yet non-intrusive crowd searches that protect passengers, property and business operations from the exponentially growing threat of homemade explosives can only be managed by a proven Explosive Detection Canine Team operationally trained for this specific deployment.


MSA's Proven 4-Point Training Makes all the Difference

MSA training prepares our single-purpose, single-handler teams for explosive odor detection in four proven phases. The critical operational phase focuses on specialty modules of deployment, where the emphasis is to create real-life, real-threat scenarios and situations that directly reflect intended field work – guaranteeing the highest levels of performance standards specific to each unique environment.


Trust in the most Tested IED Detection Dogs in the Nation

Multiple independent federal agencies regularly test, validate and certify MSA Security’s Canine Teams and our always-progressing training protocol. We own and deploy America’s most tested bomb dogs – setting a higher industry standard.


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