SmartTech® X-ray Screener Support

Be Sure of What You’re Seeing

MSA developed SmartTech® to support your facility’s X-ray screening by providing real-time expert analysis of suspectDesignated Mark images.

Our proprietary DHS SAFETY Act-designated technology enables real-time analysis of ambiguous or questionable images by our expert team of Bomb Technicians, working 24/7 out of the MSA Emergency Operations Center in New York City.

For high-volume facilities and businesses, a shutdown of even just a few minutes can result in millions of dollars lost. SmartTech® effectively diminishes the possibility of such disruptions. And, because it’s designated by the DHS SAFETY Act, it provides complete liability protection in the event of any terrorist attack.

Why Choose SmartTech® for Your X-ray Screening

It is simply not realistic to expect every facility equipped with an X-ray machine to have a bomb technician on staff to examine millions of packages every year. SmartTech® solves that problem.

How SmartTech® Works

"SmartTech® is a three tier application that communicates across the internet securely via 256-bit SSL encryption to ensure secure, private connections for image, voice and text message communications."

SmartTech® Deployment

Ideal for deployments in spaces including:

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SmartTech® Fact Sheet