MSA Canines Conduct Efficient and Effective Vehicle Sweeps

It takes a special dog to be an MSA Detection Canine. While all dogs have a superior sense of smell, MSA dogs are carefully-vetted sporting breeds selected for drive, intelligence, stable temperament and eagerness to please – and far superior to any explosive odor detection technology.

Faster than Sophisticated Technology

Corporate office buildings, shipping hangers, event stadiums, transportation hubs and other critical facilities see thousands of incoming vehicles daily, many carrying cargo. Conducting comprehensive sweeps for explosives on each of these vehicles, vans and trucks can be ineffective and operationally inefficient. MSA Security’s Canine Detection Teams are deployed throughout the country, successfully performing vehicle sweeps in a fraction of the time as compared to even the most sophisticated X-ray equipment or hand-held technology.

More Reliable than IED Detection Equipment

Simply put, there is no machine or technology that can detect the presence of explosive materials – including homemade explosives and low explosive filler – the way an MSA Detection Canine can. MSA’s single-purpose, single-handler canine teams remain the most effective and efficient tool to address the threat of IEDs that may be transported by delivery or guest vehicles.

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