Special Analysis: Afghanistan Implications

MSA Intel   |     Aug 19, 2021

MSA Intel Alert: AQAP Hostage Killed During US Rescue Mission

Lori Hickey   |     Dec 06, 2014

MSA Intel Alert: Al Qaeda Announces New Wing in India Subcontinent

Lori Hickey   |     Sep 04, 2014

MSA Intel Alert: AQAP Releases New English-Language Publication

Lori Hickey   |     Aug 22, 2014

MSA Intel Alert: Brussels Museum Shooter Taken into Custody

Lori Hickey   |     Jun 01, 2014

MSA Intel Alert: American Citizen Suicide Bombing in Syria

Lori Hickey   |     May 29, 2014

MSA Intel Alert: U.S. Intelligence Concerned Over al Qaeda Threats

Lori Hickey   |     May 21, 2014

AQAP Releases 12th Edition of Inspire Magazine

MSA Intel   |     Mar 18, 2014

Intel Threat Brief: Syrian Militants Recruit Americans to Attack U.S.

Lori Hickey   |     Jan 10, 2014

Al Qaeda's Leader Confirms Death of Abu Yahya al-Libi

MSA Intel   |     Sep 11, 2012

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