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  1. Review your security settings on each site you use. (Better to have a higher privacy setting than low).
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  1. Don’t leave your personal information in comments, statuses, or profile information.
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  1. Don’t use your full name or your real name if you want to remain anonymous.

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  1. Don’t add your phone number to your profile, in the settings or on the actual profile.
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  1. Don’t add anyone you don’t personally know.

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  1. Password protect your phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, etc. as if you know it will be stolen.

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  1. Avoid using unsecured “Wi-Fi” for reviewing personal/sensitive material.

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  1. Always log out of your accounts on public computers.

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  1. Don’t use the same password for every account.
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  2. Don’t believe every email you receive, especially if it asks for any personal information, such as, your log-in password, credit number, social security number, etc.


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