Matthew Dimmick

MSA Security has been looking for a solution for streaming live video from a body worn camera utilized by our operatives to our Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and provide greater situational awareness to our management, analysts and clients.  A product called PMRS100, also referred to as PMRS Slick, was advertised in a recent Security Management Magazine that appeared to be well suited to this operational need.

The concept for the product is solid and products such as this will likely see widespread use in the near future.  This is due to the often litigious responses that have become second nature in law enforcement and increasingly in private sector security (note the article in this month’s Security Management Magazine on Use of Force). 

Back to the question at hand, is the PMRS100 ready for operational deployment on a large scale?  The answer for me, at this time, is an unfortunate no.  There were a series of failed scheduling attempts and a failed on site demonstration.  For this demo attempt, the product that was brought to our office seemed developmental.  It was identified later, by the manufacturer; that they were still working on CDMA Modems to allow the system to function.

As technologies such as these are refined there will be significant benefit to those organizations that utilize them.  They are an excellent officer safety device as well as filling an evidentiary role making good stops turn into easier convictions.  We would like to see more manufacturers tackle the mobile surveillance streaming video requirement.  If you are out there, we are looking.

If you have any questions regarding our testing and assessment programs or the Security Technology Center at MSA Security’s Headquarters please contact Matthew R. Dimmick, PSP, Board Certified in Physical Security,

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