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Devin Boesing wakes up each morning with a smile on his face. A native of Oahu, Hawaii, DevinMSA Explosive Detection Canine and young boy is surrounded by enviable views – picturesque mountain ranges, deep lush valleys, white sandy beaches and crystal blue waters. But he says it is more than the landscape that makes him happy. He enjoys a great life with his girlfriend, Katrina, their two-year-old son, Dallas, and Regan, his best friend and canine partner for the last six and a half years.

Devin and Regan have managed an extremely busy explosive detection schedule in the air cargo environment for MSA Security®, An Allied MSA Canine Hander and German Shepherd PartnerUniversal® Company. He joined MSA as an Explosive Detection Canine handler in 2016 and that is when he first met his German Shepherd partner. Together, they completed comprehensive training at MSA’s state-of-the-art flagship academy in Windsor, Connecticut. Like all MSA’s specially bred and socialized canines, Regan was imprinted on all five families of commercial explosives, as well as homemade explosives. By the time Regan was introduced to Devin, she had already gone through months of work with a master trainer learning to identify these threatening odors with a passive “sit” response. The pair completed operational training specific to the air cargo environment before returning to Hawaii to screen mail for an international airline carrier. Devin and Regan were the first MSA Explosive Detection Canine Team deployed to the island state as MSA built up its west coast canine fleet. Today, the company has more than 850 teams deployed globally. Devin and Regan now return to Los Angeles, California, for sustainment training at one of MSA’s 10 regional training sites.

“Hawaii has always been my home, so it was great to be able to do what I love in the place that I love,” explains Devin. “I hoped Regan would adjust well coming from the East Coast. It didn’t take long at all. She absolutely loves the outdoors and is most definitely a water dog now!”

A properly imprinted and trained canine is the most effective, safe and operationally efficient tool for cargo screening, offering key distinctions over traditional screening methods. There is no technology that can screen large volumes of mail and air cargo with the speed required to satisfy the worldwide supply chain and meet national security mandates. MSA canines like Regan make quick work of it with the ability to swiftly move through and around cargo with incredible stamina.

“Regan is awesome in every way. She is always energetic and ready to work, which gives purpose to every day on the job. I know she will never let me down, which means that I want to be sure I am always at the top of my game for her. I truly could not have asked for a better partner,” says Devin.

That combined work ethic translated into results for MSA and its client. Three years into their tenure, the team was selected to help spearhead an MSA 3PK9 pilot program in Phoenix, Arizona. Devin, who has also served as regional supervisor, is credited for being instrumental in the development, execution and expansion of this program which continues across the country today. “I am very proud to have received such a tremendous opportunity to help create and build out this important program for the company,” says Devin.

The passion for being a canine handler began unexpectedly while Devin served in Afghanistan with the Army in 2012. While on base defense operations, he was offered a chance to work as a handler with contracted canine teams as part of a trial program. During nine months overseas, he supported various missions and while on base, he worked alongside Marco, a Belgian Malinois. He loved it.

MSA Canine Hander and German Shepherd PartnerDevin joined the Army fresh out of high school at just 17 years old. “My dad and grandfather are former Army. My other grandfather and brother are former Marines. Enlisting is always something I knew I would do, and I am proud to have served my country alongside so many brave men and women. It is truly an honor,” he says. Devin tells us that he often thinks back to his days in the Army and wonders what Marco is doing today, grateful to MSA for allowing Regan to be both his partner and a member of his family. We thank Devin and Regan for their dedicated service.



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