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Handler Corrie Lives posing with Detection Canine Reggae

They say when you meet the right person, you know. That’s true for Corrie Lives who met her person, Justin, while they were both serving in local law enforcement in Ohio. It just so happens that Corrie also has another love in her life – her canine partner and best friend, Reggae. We caught up with the Ohio native and MSA Security® canine lead hander just a few weeks before her wedding (She didn’t seem stressed at all, which is why she works in high-consequence security!) to find out a little more about what makes Corrie and Reggae such a dynamic duo.

The two are one of hundreds of MSA Explosive Detection Canine (EDC) Teams working nationwide screening cargo as part of the U.S. Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) Third-Party Canine (3PK9) Program. The pair are deployed in the Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky area. As a lead handler, Corrie rotates throughout four locations during the week. In addition to screening with her partner, her responsibilities include client liaising, daily operational management, and ensuring full compliance and documentation of TSA protocols and regulations. “The cargo environment is extremely fast paced, especially now during peak season. In a single day, we can search five to seven tractor trailers packed with freight,” explains Corrie who compliments her four-year-old Black Labrador for high energy, and unparalleled productivity and efficiency. 

Portrait of Detection Canine Reggae

All MSA canines are carefully vetted and selected for a keen sense of smell, drive, intelligence and stable temperament. Corrie and Reggae were first trained at MSA’s flagship 75,000-square-foot training facility in Windsor, Connecticut. They continue to be trained regularly and tested at one of MSA’s many ATF-licensed training centers throughout the country. This keeps the team at the top of their game and according to Corrie, that dedication pays off. “As part of the highly regulated TSA cargo screening program, our performance is also regularly examined by TSA personnel,” she explains. “Reggae has and continues to perform up to snuff, passing all testing requirements. I have every confidence in her ability to identify an explosive odor.” 

For as active as they are in the field, Corrie admits that she and Reggae are perfectly happy kicking back in their off time. “She and I have a lot of similar traits. We’re both very social, energetic and enjoy meeting new people. But at the same time, we sure do love our beauty sleep,” jokes Corrie. With a demanding work schedule, the holidays, a wedding just days away and two other fur babies at home who love attention (German Shepherd Thor and Pomeranian Loki), sleeping in may not be in the plans. Corrie might need to settle for just a “cat” nap for now.

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