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Hospitals and health systems face a unique risk profile in today’s threat landscape. Relative ease of public access paired with the tensions around life-or-death scenarios leave these organizations vulnerable to workplace violence, gun violence, and a host of high-impact threats.

By design, hospitals must be accessible to the public. Every year roughly 131 million people require Emergency Room visits and 34 million are admitted for inpatient services at all hours of the day and night. The sheer volume of patients, visitors, and staff makes it extremely difficult to deter bad actors and de-escalate potential threats. In the first half of 2023, there have been 3 shootings at hospitals and medical centers, underscoring the daunting fact that these threats can occur at any time.

Effective security programs must involve sophisticated solutions to deter, detect, deescalate and ultimately mitigate these high-consequence threats without compromising patient accessibility or care. Firearms Detection Canine Teams are shown to be a dynamic and effective solution in hospital settings with some surveys pointing to a reduction in overall violence by as much as 75%! MSA Security®, An Allied Universal ® Company, has seen remarkable success in this industry.

To learn how our teams played a crucial role in detecting threats, deterring crime and enhancing overall security in a vulnerable hospital situated within a high-crime locality, download our new case study linked below.


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