Alexander Rodriguez

Congratulations again to Ray and Varick! Last week, MSA passed the first of many TSA covert assessments under the 3PK9 CCSF-K9 Program. MSA Windsor handler, Ray, and his explosive detection canine, Varick, passed with flying colors. Their success validates the strength of MSA Security’s air cargo operation, as well as our training and sustainment philosophy. We are confident that this will be the first of many successful covert assessments performed by MSA Teams across the industry.

Air Cargo TSA photo3

Several factors contribute to a successful program including a technology system to track cargo transfers, regular training on high explosives, and a scheduling application designed to ensure that handlers never miss a post.

MSA’s technology partner, CargoMatrix Inc. has built a customized software solution for K9 cargo screening. CargoScreener, Ad-hawk enables electronic transfer of required program certificates. It manages video capture and storage intelligently for each site in Compliance with the TSA CCSP-K9 program. Client representatives and MSA staff can conveniently access screening logs and records though our user-friendly customer portal and have them readily available on request by TSA. Flexible and secure sharing of data and certificates allow for sharing electronically, in hard copy or by email.

The most critical component for success is regular training and testing on high explosives. Canines are able to train on high explosives monthly, quarterly, and annually, due to our investment in six ATF-licensed training centers strategically located near major cargo hubs. Training and testing is conducted on various types of high and low explosives, including homemade explosives such as TATP and HMTD. Our canine program never incorporates the use of pseudo-explosives.

Lastly, MSA utilizes a state-of-the-art technology program to facilitate the scheduling of field deployments nationwide. The software program, EPay, delivers schedules directly to handlers and notifies them of any changes in real time. Handlers utilize the software’s geo-locating feature on the mobile app to clock-in once arriving to their post, confirming location and attendance. The platform also maintains site-specific post orders, accessible to field employees at all times. All deployment activity is managed by MSA’s full-time scheduling department, staffed around-the-clock. Throughout our 30 years in business, MSA has continually implemented techniques and technologies to streamline all scheduling operations, guaranteeing coverage and accountability.

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